Outsourcing Software Projects

Outsourcing Software Projects

Outsourcing Software Projects is the process of using a company in other country or other than the company IT department to develop software projects. In today worlds, we can have access to workers around the world which are offering their services for much cheaper cost than the hiring of a company or domestic workers in some parts of the world. You can go know and hire somebody from India or chain for the 1/4 of the price of a freelancer in the UK or USA or even cheaper.

If you wounder why this variation of cost although almost the same result in the end and fairly good quality. The cost of life in India or china are much cheaper. And When converting the currency from USD to other currency it will be much higher for the freelancer. Some freelancer are accepting 300$ for a whole month. While others can cost up to 5000$ or even more without benefits.

Although the cost is a big advantage, there are other aspects that you need to consider before going to outsourcing your project. Quality and reliability are the biggest to look at.

How to decide whether to outsource or not?

Before outsourcing the project, ask yourself these questions:
1- Why we don’t develop it internally before going to outsourcing?
2-is this project are okay to outsource? what if a competitor took access of its source code? Are we outsourcing projects that can reveal sensitive information?
3- If the project are out sourced, how are we going to protect our source cod e and copywriters from being stolen or used illegally?
4- are we outsourcing our work to a trusted vendor? Is our contact are writing in correct way?
5-Is the vendor are reliable and has a proven work records?

Not everything can be outsourced. Your core competences cannot be outsourced. Any project deals with sensitive data about your company or client cannot be outsourced without restrictions and data protection policy with the outsource vendor.

Reasons to outsource

But when we outsource?
1-If it cost more when developed internally than sending it to other vendor.
2-If the project can be outsourced (does not include core competencies and sensitive data).
3-Ready made solutions does not provide the value needed.Or it’s configurations takes too long or cost too much.

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