Chossing the appropite paltform for software projects

Choosing the appropite platform to have the system devleoped on is very crtical things to do in managing software project.. Some platform are free to use but you need to do alot of customization and a lot of work to get what you want. Other platforms might have addtional cost to use and install but will cost less because it has an ready made software that can be used.

Chossing the right platform

Before going into a new software project, check first what you already ahve as infustracuter. Is your current severs aare unning on Windows Server or Linux? Is the IT dep. have succfeicnt knowladge to work with PHP projects  or android  mobileb apps? Check what you have already exisits the go ahead andd choose the platform.

Different platform comparsion

There are a huge number of platforms to choose from. Everyone has it own distinct features. We will list some of the well known platforms for different functions:

Web Development

A well known programming laagaue for the web. Used in a lot of web applications such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and many others. Open source and free to use. But the cost of creating a new php project from scratch without the use of a php framework can be expensive. Also, if you not using a cpanel on your sever it can be costy.


Active servee rpages, the Microsoft development platform for the web. It has it;s own share of populaity maybe not as much as other platforms. It takes smaller team to work on and cost less to maintaine on your servers. You have to pay licenses for the softwares you use. But, easy to integrrate and work with. And many corrpartes uses it for flexiblity and low cost.

NodeJS is an excellent and easy to use, a choice that I persoally recommend. Also, well known for the fast performance. NodeJS is a JavaScipt platform that has a farily large populirty and a huge number of packages. Open source and free to use.

Make sure that you look around and ask people with expertise in such things.  Also, asking people in your industray who have created such project can help you a lot in what platform to use.

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