Web-hosting Review

Web-hosting Review Hello and welcome. This is my web-hosting review of some hosting providers that I’ve worked with or tested. These providers support web-hosting for ASP.NET and PHP.   PHP Hosting Providers Web Hosting Pad  Extremely cheap and reliable. support php latest versions support well known CMS such as WordPresse   2.Namecheap Great and reliable[…]

Ionic Framework

Ionic Framework Review

Ionic Framework Review Hello and welcome. This is a review of Ionic Framework. Ionic Framework is used to build mobile apps and it’s using cordova an open source cross platform development framework. It’s free to use and build application using it. The best thing about Ionic Framework is that you only code once and you can deploy to[…]

Chossing the appropite paltform for software projects

Choosing the appropite platform to have the system devleoped on is very crtical things to do in managing software project.. Some platform are free to use but you need to do alot of customization and a lot of work to get what you want. Other platforms might have addtional cost to use and install but[…]